What can the Young Minds Survey tell us about our children’s mental health?

This survey by Young Minds, conducted between 15th and 30th September with young people who had a history of mental health problems, provides valuable insights into the impact of the pandemic and mental health resourcing within schools.

The report concludes: “Worryingly, there does not appear to have been a ‘soft landing’ for these young people. Time and again, respondents told us that not enough allowances were being made for what they had been through over the previous few months. Most said that the mental health support available
was inadequate.

“There is still time for the Government to address this. Firstly, we need the message to come through loud and clear that this is an exceptional year. While it is crucial to address academic inequalities and help young people catch up with learning that they may have missed, placing extra pressure on young people who are struggling with their mental health right now is counter-productive. The Government needs to take the pressure off schools… and ensure that they have time to re-adjust.

“Secondly, schools need extra funding to be able to provide wellbeing and mental health support…”

Read the full report here:

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