What are we doing to our students?

Shared with Parents United 2nd November, by an Anonymous Teacher

I am recently qualified teacher. I came to teaching a little bit later, after trying a number of other careers I decided that teaching was for me. I spent some time as a teaching assistant and absolutely loved working with young people. Their sass. Their visions. Their filters (or lack of!) and seeing them achieve under sometimes the most challenging circumstances, is what made me want to be a teacher.

I teach drama and I absolutely love it. The subject that gives students the freedom to enjoy themselves without being sat behind a desk. They can express themselves in a completely different way! Some of their ideas are wild but some of them are truly amazing.

Before covid, if anyone came into a drama classroom people would say “what’s all that noise”, this didn’t bother me – the more the noise the better in my eyes!

Well not anymore – I’m teaching drama to students sat behind desks. There isn’t noise just Worksheets. Theories of drama. The never ending “if we were in my drama studio we could…” The SEND students who thrive in my subject are now subjected to video clips and sheets and writing. It isn’t why I became a teacher.

All this I could just about cope with for a period of time – but what I can’t bare to see anymore – are students crying at the back of the classroom because they are “afraid to get things wrong” and I can’t get to them. I can’t make them feel better. I am failing because I have to leave them.

They are being damaged. The parents that email saying “will you look out for him today?” Student welfare is impossible. Every essence of the word teacher is no more and it breaks my heart to see children crying because they “don’t want to mess up anymore”.

What are we doing to our students?

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