Urgent Press Release: COVID-19 Cases in Schools: Gagging Orders

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BRTUS: Parents United have been contacted by a concerned parent who received communications from Alton Havant South Downs College explaining that a student has tested positive for COVID-19 and that “going forward, we are not planning to write to you each time there is a new case confirmed”.

Parents, students and school staff have a right to know the level of risk they’re exposing themselves to when they enter the school gates.

Parental and public trust is at an all-time low.

As show here, the lack of transparency from central government, Public Health England and some educational institutions is not only damaging public confidence but a danger to life.

Reacting to the letter from the aforementioned school, one parent told BRTUS: Parents United that “They [school leaders] ask us for their trust in their ability to keep our children safe and then cut off all communications.”

At BRTUS: Parents United we stand in unwavering support of all school staff and we know that many teachers, senior leadership teams and governing bodies across the nation have been working tirelessly to keep our children safe whilst at school. However, the communication from this school, damages public confidence and raises more questions than it answers – parents, students and teachers have the right to know the truth.

BRTUS: Parents United’s fully sourced, interactive COVID-19 case map can be viewed here: https://www.parentsunited.net/reported-covid-19-cases/school-cases-after-12-8-20/

Evidence of communications: https://www.facebook.com/BRTUS.ParentsUnited/photos/pcb.177035450669328/177035434002663

Press contact:

Jennifer Dunstan (on behalf of BRTUS: Parents United)

Phone: 07519214684

Email: boycottunsafeschools@gmail.com

Address: Unit 49070, PO Box 4336, Manchester, M61 0BW

Twitter: @Parents_Utd

Facebook: @BRTUS.ParentsUnited

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2 thoughts on “Urgent Press Release: COVID-19 Cases in Schools: Gagging Orders

  1. My husband is late sixites; I am late 50s; we look after my elderly mother (80s, lung problems, heart problems). If our secondary school children bring the virus home, one or more of us is likely to die. Our children will then have to live with the loss of their last surviving grandparent and/or parent/s, knowing that they, through no fault of their own, gave us this deadly disease.

    Instead of providing virtual lessons for vulnerable children (my children have not had one single virtual lesson ever!!), the government insists our children return to school with fines threatened and loss of our children’s secondary education if not.

    Three schools in our town have had Covid in them so far; how long will it be before our children’s school does as well?

    Our children are completely unprotected at school – they are in a “year group bubble” = 140 children in a year, 4-5 people in each household on average + 20 odd teachers and their families with no social distancing or masks within that bubble; we have therefore now changed overnight from being in a safe, carefully-controlled bubble of 5 into a “bubble” of 6-700 people. This is unacceptable and forces us to put our lives at risk on a daily basis. It is like Russian Roulette each day. Our children have already caught nasty colds at school – it is pure chance they caught a cold not Covid.

    The government should have had virtual lessons available from the start of lockdown onwards; they should now be available to all vulnerable children or those with vulnerable relatives so children can keep their education whilst protecting lives.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Yours is a story which is all too familiar to us, and is exactly why we will continue to fight.

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