Update from life in hell.. or schools:

14th October 2020 by An Anonymous Teacher

In school GCSE classes down now to 1, 2 or 3 pupils left in the class; A Level class down to 2; other classes lower down the school are in a similar situation where I believe 5 bubbles of KS3 classes remain off.

Those teachers still standing are being instructed to create online lessons, and at the same time teach face to face… double the work for teachers and not working out too well for our kids either.

In desperation teachers are teaching classes of perhaps 2 kids; and setting up live streams for those at home, who form the majority at this stage. Half the class will show up online due perhaps to the digital divide, lack of Wifi and social/ family/ personal issues.

Teachers continue to hot-foot it from class to class for every lesson, meaning 15 minutes minimum is being lost per class. We are at the mercy of others disinfecting keyboards before we lay hands on a new keyboard very 50 minutes and just hoping for kind kids who will wait patiently for us to set up in every classroom that we enter. 15 lost minutes in every class for every child matters. Our children deserve better, and as teachers we know well how terrified they all are.

And yet the powers that be try to suppress this truth. The track and trace shambles continues in its ad-hoc manner.. it is frantic and flawed and once again wholly dependent on frazzled and frightened teachers having the time to fill out handwritten class seating plans in order to track and trace those deemed to be in danger.

Oh .. and another thing, risk Assessments on which our children’s health and safety are now dependent on are now solely and wholly in the hands of … yes… teachers.. who are as you know very well acquainted with and qualified in Health and Safety Assessments! PHA seems to have absolves itself of all responsibility of this task and just appears to once again hope for the best..

Since when was this in our job description? It is daunting and frightening, but the truth of schools must get out.

I apologise for the rant but to get a forum to tell the truth is required and refreshing. I hope we can all work together as parents and teachers to get this out in the public domain.

We all deserve better than this in this current COVID-19 Crisis.

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