The Reality of Track and Trace in Schools

12th October 2020 by an Anonymous Teacher

While the Tories have used the term “Track and Trace” in schools as a nice, neat positive term to engender confidence in the General Public that track and trace is being implemented on some form of professional and scientific way, nothing could be further from the truth.

As a teacher, I can inform you that this “Track and Trace” in schools is shambolic and involves:

1. Parental contact with the school to inform the school of a positive test

2. Teachers, finding the hand written seating plan for the student /s named (senior management unless they have all tested positive for Covid, which happens here in Derry and then a team of volunteer teachers are rung round to come in on a Sunday)

3. Teachers on perusing the handwritten seating plans identify those who have sat near to the students with positive cases

4. Teachers then phone PHA and provide the names of positive cases and those they think are close contacts

5. PHA informs the school that the cases are not school, but community generated

6. Teachers argue otherwise. PHA refuses to accept this

7. Teachers inform PHA that due to up to 300 kids off as positive tests or close contacts, that the school will close

8. PHA refuses to accept this and informs school that only one day is allowed for a so called deep clean ( which is non-existent)

9. BoG closes school despite advice from PHA

That the public are being hoodwinked into believing that schools have appropriate “Track and Trace” in place is a national scandal – one which must be exposed.

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