The Independent: Using “mental health” as an anti-lockdown argument is unhelpful

Natasha Devon writes:

“The tactics of lockdown sceptics are manyfold, one of them is to present coronavirus restrictions as a binary choice between physical and mental health (if we lockdown mental health suffers, if we don’t, physical health does) and to appropriate the voices of those who suffer from mental illness into their arguments. As founder of the mental health media charter, I’ve done my best to fight back against this with an open letter co-signed by charity leaders, academics, campaigners and service users, which I published last month.”

Opinion: Using ‘mental health’ as an anti-lockdown argument is unhelpful

Conservative MP Jeremy Hunt has announced yet another “inquiry” into children’s mental health this week. As the government’s Mental Health Champion for Schools between 2015 and 2016, I attended a huge number of these. Evidence is taken. Practical ideas are shared. Invariably, nothing happens.

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