Support for young people feeling unsafe in school

Hi there! Following a number of posts on our Facebook group from children and young people, we wanted to provide a space on our website for young people who are currently at school but are feeling unsafe. So if that’s you, welcome 🙂

Firstly, we want to say that you aren’t alone. We are a community of parents who are concerned about safety in schools during the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are also young people, teachers and school staff amongst our community who share our concerns and want to do something about it.

We will add to this as time goes on. Feel free to message the Parents United page for ideas and suggestions about what information you would find helpful here.

Your voice

We would like to allow you space on this website to express how you are feeling about things at school right now.

Any comments or stories posted on the website will just say your first name and age, unless you would prefer to be anonymous. Please use this webform to share your story with us.

Staying safe whilst making your voice heard

We recognise some of you want to connect with others and join together to do something about the current situation in schools. Here’s some tips for doing this safely:

  • Talk to your parents or a close family member about how you are feeling 
  • If that isn’t possible, talk to your friends (people you know in person) to see if any of them share your views
  • Consider talking to pastoral staff at school such as your teacher or head of year. They may not share your views, but hopefully they will be there to listen and offer some support
  • If you want to connect with other young people online, be aware that even if someone says they are a young person at school, they might not be. Don’t give out personal information about yourself such as where you go to school or where you live. For more information about staying safe online, look at Staying safe online | Childline
  • Make sure your social media accounts are set to ‘private’ not ‘public’
  • Join in the discussions on the group, try to stay out of PM’s, particularly with adults
  • If you have any concerns about the behaviour of another member on the page, please tag ‘parents united’ or message the page directly
  • Be careful about what you say online in public forums or on your personal social media. A lot of people don’t agree that schools are unsafe and can be very unkind to those who express that opinion

Action you can take now if you want to

Your MP has been elected to represent the views of people in their area to the government. If you would like to contact them to tell them what it feels like to be in school at the moment, you can find out their contact details here Find your MP – MPs and Lords – UK Parliament

National support helplines

Times are tough right now and we all need someone to talk to from time to time. Please don’t ever feel like you are on your own. These national helplines are available for children and young people who need someone to talk to, in confidence.

YoungMinds – children and young people’s mental health charity

Get urgent help ( Crisis messenger

Childline | Childline 0800 1111 and webchat

Get Support – The Mix 0808 808 4994, webchat and crisis messenger

The Hub of Hope – enter your postcode to find emotional support available near you

Local support from helplines and  youth projects

You  may already be connected to a youth club or project for young people in your area. If you are, reach out to your local youth worker to see if they can offer you some support.

If you aren’t connected to local support, but would like it, please message our Facebook page, telling us what town/city you are in and we will try and find out what is available in your local area and how to contact them.