Remote learning exists – but not for children who are clinically vulnerable

16th October from an Anonymous Parent

I have two children who are in a primary school. As advised, we shielded from March due to my youngest child’s rare health condition. Hoping for the best, I sent my children back to school in September. I soon pulled them out when the situation deteriorated.

A positive case was found in the school. We, and other families with household health concerns, became concerned. We received a clear warning from the school:

They are ready with remote learning infrastructure: it be only provided to pupils who are self isolating as per government guidelines. 

It has seemingly been forgotten that we are in exceptional circumstances, and in the middle of a Global Pandemic.  Understandably concerned for the safety of their clinically vulnerable loved ones, families are being threatened with fines, and many feel forced to de-register. This appalling, unjust treatment cannot be the answer to our current predicament. Those in authority are washing their hands of vast swathes of us!


The message I take from the above communication is: those who choose to household members with health vulnerabilities from catching Covid-19 won’t be provided with an education, and can’t be part of the school.

Schools have remote learning infrastructure in place. Permitting families like mine to utilise that provision will save them from distress, and reduce the numbers of people who become seriously ill or die from Covid-19. Importantly, pupils could access the school-led education to which they are entitled, including appropriate resources and teaching support.

Forcing families into home education as a result of the pandemic is short-sighted in the extreme. I find it extraordinary that there is so little media coverage in the media about the damage the current guidelines are causing to the wellbeing of so many families across the country.

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