Remind me how far down teachers are on the priority list for the vaccine?

This evening was spent blinging up a face shield. Very mixed emotions doing this. A supply teacher and CV and yesterday was the first time I had set foot in a school since the first Lockdown. I’ve been pretty scared. Turns out I was rightly scared. Yesterday, once I’d stepped inside the building, I was asked to teach 3 different year 5 classes in 3 separate class rooms. All the classrooms were upstairs. The 3rd class room I walked into was so stuffy I tried to open the windows further but couldn’t as we were on the first floor and it’s dangerous. I felt in danger but not due to the open windows….

The 4th class was off isolating with their teacher. PPE not to be worn unless in corridor or very close to a child and only a visor expected at that. Today I went for a walk in flu jab at the Chemist and my 7 year old daughter was not allowed in the room with me and the pharmacist whilst I was getting the injection. Tomorrow I start a long term placement in a school covering a teacher who is isolating. I am expected to spend the whole day in a small classroom with 30 children with no PPE. There are 4 teachers absent isolating, one tested positive. I asked not to have that class. Whilst decorating my visor this evening, I have become acutely aware of how vulnerable the teachers and TAs are in classrooms. 30 children all squashed in. The restrictions on how we work are paramount. I felt I couldn’t even pick a pencil up from the floor …..

Of course I brought all my own equipment in and santitised constantly. But the stress….it’s so difficult to concentrate on teaching. I loved being with the children and gave them my all and made silly jokes about the hand sanitizer to get us through the lesson. I’m a lone parent to a 7 year old and I’m now acutely aware of how different school is for her. I’m also acutely aware of how I’m putting myself at risk. I wouldn’t let her hug or kiss me until I’d stripped and showered.

Remind me how far down teachers are on the priority list for the vaccine….?

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