Parents United reply to the Prime Ministers open letter to parents

The following reply to the Prime Ministers open letter to parents was sent via email on 30th January 2021.

Dear Prime Minister,

Whilst we appreciate the effort you have made in writing to us, we must raise some significant concerns regarding a number of omissions.

Firstly, it is not catch up children most need, it is recovery. As any parent or teacher can attest, children must feel secure in order to learn. Catch up alone will widen the attainment gap, and damage further the mental health of young people which has been in severe decline over the last 10 years.

The importance of a recovery curriculum is captured beautifully here, by

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When considering the needs of the next generation, there must be focus on providing lasting food security, mental health services and a properly funded social care system for those who need it.

We agree that our children deserve stability and education, and so we implore you to lockdown properly now, and open schools only when it is safe.


23,000 Parents, United.

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