Parents United One Year Anniversary

Tony Dadd, Founder of Parents United UK on 3rd May, 2021

To mark our first Birthday and the start of a week of special posts, Tony offers Sensible, Safe and Sustainable advice to our group members, a sheds light on the position of the Campaign Team and our vision for the future of Parents United.

One year ago today I founded this group, enraged by the leaking to the Sunday papers of the plans to reopen schools on Mon 1 June 2020 and still in shock at Matt Hancock’s blatant gaslighting over the 100K tests target by the end of April.

Anniversaries of campaigns are a time for celebration, but also for reflection, review, and planning for the future and the admins will be meeting this evening to do all three over a glass of wine or whisky (non-alcoholic alternatives will be available 😏).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the admin and mod teams, both past and present, for their dedictation and virtual friendship. It’s going to be one hell of a party when we all finally meet!

This is probably the right time to also remind everyone that this group is neither pro-lockdown nor a place to engage in either “toxic negativity” or indeed “toxic positivity”.

Nobody can predict the future, and anyone who doesn’t recognise the massive uncertainty in what is to come next, either does not understand viruses, or has an agenda. I write this as someone who has worked in various scientific fields as a statistician for 20 years, and who has first-author papers published in Statistical Genetics.

However, emerging Science is just that: emerging. For every small-scale lab experiment that claims a particular vaccine is protective against a particular variant, there is another that claims the opposite it seems. This is entirely normal.

My advice: read both sides of the argument. Read anything and everything. Try to be balanced. But overall, decide for yourselves about your lives and behaviours based on the evidence. Oh, and watch Independent SAGE every week.

There will be a series of posts both here and on the page (Parents United UK) this week.

Remember to report any comments to the group admins that you think go against the rules or ethos of the group, and if you have anything you would like to discuss or need confidential support, the page has a message facility.


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