Parents United Issue Policy Statement

This pandemic will have a long tail of consequence: throughout the past 18 months we have seen our members encounter a broad range of social impacts, the effects of which have been overwhelmingly negative in nature, and with a lesser or greater degree of permanence -only time will reveal how long these impacts will last, and to what extent we and other organisations are able to ameliorate them on behalf of those we support, and wider society.

To this end, we have built a loyal, well-attuned and bonded team dedicated to supporting members with factually accurate information, emotional support and any other means of effecting change that we feel is appropriate to recommend.

We work with our member’s collective and individual needs as befits the current social, political and medical contexts, and hold an informed awareness of the need to bring these ideals into fruition via a seat a the policy table.

We offer signposting to support for young people who who express a need for that support. We undertake this in an appropriate and responsible manner, via a team member who is a qualified youth worker, and with strict safeguarding policies in play.

We are making good progress in our discussions with people of influence, and we have excellent relationships with many organisations and individuals who hold similar concerns regarding the impact of educational and public health policy and culture on their audience.

Mutual support and association with One Voice : supporting vulnerable adults and children during Covid-19, Square Peg and others keeps us grounded in reality, and on target for our goal of having our members concerns heeded in the formulation of policy.

This statement appeared in this Twitter thread.

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