Parents fret about desk distances. Expert says ventilation does more to keep kids safe -KUOW

Parents fret about desk distances. Experts say a good cross breeze does more to keep kids safe

The Seattle school district only requires that students be three feet apart; that’s in line with the CDC’s latest guidelines. But, with the very contagious Delta variant causing a surge in Covid cases, a lot of parents worry that’s not nearly far enough.

When schools brought students back into classrooms this fall, José-Luis Jiménez had a decision to make. His seven-year-old son wasn’t learning much at home. But Jiménez was worried he could get Covid at school.

And as an aerosol scientist and chemistry professor, Jiménez knows a thing or two about how airborne viruses spread. So he did what he could to take his son’s safety into his own hands. First, he bought him a high-quality (elastomeric) mask.

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