Parent Stories

I am legal guardian to an 8 year old and I am in the extremely vulnerable group and my husband is 73. We are grandparents and have legal custody. We feel it is too risky at present as no social distancing at school and cases on the rise again

Mrs Lorraine Bolton

As a family we care for my father in law who is terminally Ill with multiple myeloma, not only do we believe the return to school is not safe for kids yet we firmly believe it will cause the death of people like my father in law, we know he wont survive having covid this is a confirmed fact by his consultant but he also will not survive the loneliness of not getting to see his grand children! We were lucky enough to be a part of the greenshaw learning trust’s amazing home learning program this will be denied us in september as the children are being forced to return despite the fact my daughter mental health issues surrounding school no longer cause her issues and my dyslexic son has thrived at home so we have been left with all these factors with no choice but to de register, feeling quite alone in this fact I took to facebook looking for anything to help so I didnt feel so alone in this that’s when I found brtus the group has helped me realise I’m not alone and I feel supported and like my familys rights to safety and choice matters

Tonia Hale

I feel pressured into sending my child back to school when I know it is not safe to do so. His school is an old Victorian building with very small classrooms and narrow corridors. There are 30 pupils per each classroom, which is overcrowded and there is no way there can be any kind of distancing, let alone 1m between each pupil. I am horrified that I am being asked to risk my son’s and my health like this. I feel lost as to what to do. I cannot in my right mind let him go back. It feels like sending sheep to slaughter.


I have 2 children aged 11 and 13. Until recently I was parents chair at the kids cooperative school academy primary. My youngest is prone to and responds badly to respiratory viruses. I kept him off school before the lockdown started. I campaigned with you for schools not to reopen in June. I believe Government should have given schools resources and time to plan for a safe and sustainable school reopening in September instead. I work with schools and I have seen the heavy pressure head teachers and staff have been put under. My children want and need to return to school. Juggling home teaching with a full time job it’s a nightmare! There is 2 of us. I really don’t know how single parents or large families cope. This government has put parents in an impossible position, for that I am very angry. Send your kids to school risking a second wave, teachers and family members lives, or pay a fine whilst juggling home teaching with full time work. There are so many other ways to make sure our children can return and carry on learning without putting lives at risk. There is so much we can learn from other countries. It is not too late. I am saying NO to this stupid choice.

Susanna Giullari

As a family, we have all been shielding my youngest daughter in the governments most vulnerable category since March. With shielding now paused, we are now advised to continue to strictly social distance. If our children return to school, it has already been confirmed they will NOT be able to socially distance. We have therefore spent nearly 5 months shielding for nothing. The threat of fines vs protecting the life of your extremely vulnerable child is barbaric.

Jemma Bateman

I’m a parent, my main purpose in life is to raise and protect my 4 children. I work in an office, currently from home because the office isn’t safe. Even when it is deemed to be COVID secure and I can return, it will be with social distancing and other mitigation in place. But this isn’t the case in schools. I want nothing more than for my children to be able to return to the education they deserve and are entitled to as UK citizens. But not until its safe and sustainable. If I sent them back now, with the current proposed measures (or lack of) i would be failing in one of my 2 main duties as a parent as stated on Protect and maintain the child. Children have as much right to be in a safe environment as adults do. So why are we treating them differently? Lives before the economy. We need a plan B, and fast!

Rachel Noble

We are a shielded family and want the choice to keep our family safe and healthy. Sending our 3 girls back as planned in September will put ourselves at great risk. We will deregister our children if we have to but feel that we should have a choice and the schools should support that choice. BRTUS goal for a sensible, safe, sustainable return to education is exactly what we need here in he UK!

Samantha Towler

Step daughter is 24yo teaching assistant and my partner severely disabled and been shielding since March

Dave Lawrence

I am deeply concerned about sending my children to school, during this global pandemic. BRTUS provides great support and a wealth of knowledge, with regards to opening schools safely. Not enough is known about this virus, or it’s long term effects, especially in children. Putting our children and the school staff on the front line, as guinea pigs, so to speak, is not acceptable, under any circumstances. One death, is one death too many! Education can be caught up on, replaced…lives cannot.

Kerrie Stanford

The government are pressurising families to send their children back to school, by issuing threats of their children losing their places in school and fines, I think this is a disgrace considering what we have all been through so far, and to put this added pressure and anxiety on us all is just terrible, my son has ASD, and is currently unwell with what could be an immune disease, how can I send him into the a lion pit? My eldest son suffers from Asthma and anxiety, he is due to start college in September, how can I keep him from that? Opening schools and colleges now is too soon, just because it is the start of the academic year doesn’t mean they should be going back, this virus is rising again, but the government are still opening things up, it’s just crazy!

Amanda Richardson

I am the legal guardian to two of my grandaughters. I am vulnerable 53 with chronic, brittle asthma and blood group A and I don’t feel it is safe to return my girls to school yet. Should something happen to me my girls would end up in a childrens home.

Verity Nicholson

Absolute fear about my children and our shielding family’s heath and risk of death, and the fact that parents are being threatened with fines during a global pandemic.

Anna Yates

There has been no effort to meet the #fivetests or to ensure that appropriate mitigation measures have been put into place to protect our children and teachers. If our children are safer in the supermarket than our schools there is something very very wrong.


I care for 2 grandchildren and worry for them both especially the eldest who starts secondary school she was born very early and has slight scarring on one lung even a cold knocks her off her feet


I am a single parent to a disabled child. We are both high risk, I have M.E and asthma, my child has a number of health issues and down syndrome. She also has asthma that we can not get under control, this has been caused by being hospitalised a number of times with pneumonia, her lungs and body are not strong enough to fight off a common cold so how would it fight covid, and what happens to her if I get it, whether I only get mildly ill or she loses me, who is going to care for her and what would that do to her mentally and emotionally?

It is not 1 size fits all with this virus, but the government are acting as though it is, and the vulnerable have been forgotten about and are now being forced to just get on with it. We’ve gone from shielding for months to all of a sudden our kids can go to a FULL school with guidance that isn’t fit for purpose, and is completely different to guidance for everywhere else… it is not safe!

I understand and agree schools should be open, however I do not agree we should be forced or bullied into kids/staff going. The staff and kids that are good to go is brilliant, but those that are vulnerable or have high risk families should not be prosecuted for not going… the staff that work from home could be the ones to help the kids at home, and surely if not all the children are in it would make the bubbles smaller and safer for the ones that have to go?!?

We as parents are prosecuted if we neglect or endanger our children (and rightly so) but now they want to force us to do this.

The rules make no sense people are fined if they wont wear a mask in public places, but now parents will be fined for not sending kids to a crowded public place where there’s no social distance or PPE… the rules are constantly contradicting each other.
I just want to be able to protect myself and child without being bullied or prosecuted for it.


I am concerned for the safety of my community as I do not feel confident in the government’s plans to open schools at this time, as I feel the risk is no lower than it was back in March, and scientists and history predict a second wave over twice the size of the first wave. I believe that alternative virtual provisions should be made where possible, and safe provisions should be made for those who need to attend an educational setting, due to parents being key workers or needing to attend work.

Jennifer Welsh

My eldest daughter is on the Govs shielding list, myself and my parents are high risk. I am not confident that it is safe in any way for my two daughters to return to school anytime soon. My eldest is to start secondary school whilst my youngest is still in primary. I have zero faith in the Government, their concern is only to get the economy going again. The R rate is now higher than what it was when we went into lockdown and schools closed, so how is it suddenly ok to return now!?

Barbara Crockett

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