Open Letter to the PM

On 26th August 2020 we sent an Open Letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, which was signed by over 2700 parents and concerned British Citizens. The letter – shown below – expressed concern over the safety of the Governments’ current policy on the reopening of schools, and the impact of compulsory attendance and blanket fines on families whose circumstances differ so widely.

The following evidence was sent in support of the Open Letter; a pdf of the letter itself can be viewed here

Scientific Evidence

Confirmation that childrens’ susceptibility is only now becoming clear as schools in the US begin to open

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Incidence of COVID-19 in Children In the United States and globally, fewer cases of COVID-19 have been reported in children (age 0-17 years) compared with adults. 1,2 While children comprise 22% of the US population, 3 recent data show that 7.3% of all cases of COVID-19 in the United States reported to CDC were among children (as of August 3rd, 2020).

Scientific Evidence that Children are Drivers of Infection

Pediatric SARS-CoV-2: Clinical Presentation, Infectivity, and Immune Responses

Data sharing: The data obtained as part of this study are available from the corresponding author upon reasonable request. As schools plan for re-opening, understanding the potential role children play in the coronavirus infectious disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic and the factors that drive severe illness in children is critical.

Mechanistic Evidence of Airbourne Transmission

Viable SARS-CoV-2 in the air of a hospital room with COVID-19 patients

Background – There currently is substantial controversy about the role played by SARS-CoV-2 in aerosols in disease transmission, due in part to detections of viral RNA but failures to isolate viable virus from clinically generated aerosols.

Government SAGE Report on Aerosol Transmission

Find the report here

Confirmation of the importance of social distancing and small class sizes (see Page 5)

Two metres or one: what is the evidence for physical distancing in covid-19?

Rigid safe distancing rules are an oversimplification based on outdated science and experiences of past viruses, argue Nicholas R Jones and colleagues Physical distancing is an important part of measures to control covid-19, but exactly how far away and for how long contact is safe in different contexts is unclear.

A Link to our petition against fines, with over 107,000 signatures

Sign the Petition

I am a lone parent to an amazing 9 year old son who goes to a special needs school. If I get coronavirus, I’ll have no one to look after him while I’m ill. I’m terrified that the Government is going to try to force us to send our children to school while COVID-19 rates are still high.

Links to our school maps

From the last academic year, when class sizes were small, and since schools in the UK began to open with full class sizes.

Stories from the following affected groups:

Impact on Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Parents Stories

Teacher and Education Worker Concerns About the Reopening of Schools

Statements of Support

Link here

The Open Letter…..

Dear Prime Minister, 

We write as concerned parents/guardians in the wake of your announcement to re-open schools to all students in September. We represent a group of 5000 parents who have grave safety concerns.

Each of us have faced struggles throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many having balanced working from home with educating children. Some have special educational needs and disabilities and have suffered as a result of the removal of duty to deliver content in EHCPs. A substantial number of us have suffered financial difficulty, ill health and bereavement. 

Many of us have underlying conditions, many are from at risk and vulnerable groups of the community that make us more likely to suffer long term health consequences or death. Families have encountered a postcode lottery, with children in less affluent areas being disproportionately disadvantaged.

At a time when reassurance and support is greatly needed, the Department for Education has now announced mandatory school attendance with the threat of financial penalties and imprisonment for non-compliance.

In the lead up to the summer holiday we logged the closure of 102 schools in England due to Covid outbreaks, although the latest estimation we have researched shows around 200 closures in total in England. This was with social distancing and numbers of students reduced down to 5% attendance. 

According to the Office for National Statistics on the 11th May 2020, 65 educational staff have died of Covid, the number is likely to have risen in this time. 

We are being railroaded into risking the health of our children and wider family by sending our children to school, under the threat of financial sanction and punitive measures.

Your government has put us in an entirely untenable situation. Either we refuse to send our children in and risk being fined (but keep them and our families safe) or we neglect our statutory parental duty to protect our children (and face punitive sanctions).

We want our children to return to education in a sensible, safe and sustainable manner, with full consideration of the long term consequences for their health and that of the public.

Who is ultimately responsible for the death of a child or family member if a case is traced back to a school? The school, LEA or the DfE?

Any scenario proposed and implemented by this government in relation to the opening of schools must be met with additional planning and funding, to ensure that the safety and education of our children is prioritised. We urge the following to be considered.

Education should be delivered in a variety of formats which are both effective and enriching for the child. We are asking for a creative, dynamic up to date distance based learning system that is consistent across the country.  This should be appropriately funded, in addition to the removal of financial and criminal punishment on parents who choose to keep their children home to avail of schools distance learning programmes.

  • No fines or legal sanctions for parents who decide to not to send their children to school while the threat of corona virus is still present within our communities.
  • An effective track and trace system, efficient, rapid testing of all children in any bubble where a child has shown symptoms. 
  • If the risk is too high due to high cases within a local authority area, schools to be closed to all, bar keyworkers. Distance learning and support programmes implemented with school support in the event of closure in appropriate ways.
  • Open and transparent risk assessments that are adhered to – or a school cannot open and must implement its learning and support distance delivery. Teachers need to be trained in the use of PPE and writing robust risk assessments.
  • Well-funded, appropriate PPE to be provided as required and worn in schools.  Aerosol transmission risks mitigated through the use of funding to equip school buildings with appropriate air filtration systems. No more than 15 students per classroom with adequate space for 2 metre social distancing to be implemented. ALL measures that can be realistically achieved put in place to protect those children whose parents have no choice but to send them in.
  • An influx of funding to local authorities for their transport departments. Proper risk assessment and mitigation measures for ALL school transport. If more vehicles are needed, provide the funding for them.
  • Building or acquiring temporary classroom space to accommodate smaller class sizes and provide spaces for social distancing. Consideration given to the variety of ways that learning can be done outside. 
  • An employment drive of student teachers, and other educational staff, in the same way as NHS staff were called upon. National training in the delivery of remote learning and support programmes for all educational staff.
  • Financial and Employment protections for parents who will be required to take time off work, should you reopen schools with inadequate measures or keep them closed. 
  • A holistic zero-Covid approach to schools opening in the context of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic where we have lost over 47,000 lives. 

By giving parents options, fewer children will physically be in classrooms, consequently the children attending in person will be safer and schools will function more safely.

We know that the current plan is for all students to return to all schools. We feel it is imperative to invoke a Plan B which should determine a national approach to remote learning with adequate and targeted additional funding.

Our children have a right to be in full time education and we want that for them.  We believe this can only be achieved through a sensible, safe and sustainable plan.  A mass return of all children to all schools in September is not any of those things.

We demand that you meet your duty to protect life and provide a dynamic education system that is fit for all whilst giving parental choice, rather than criminalising us for acting on our parental instincts.

We refuse to be remembered in history for the wrong reasons.  It’s not too late for you to do the right thing.

Jennifer DunstanStacey Mccann Joanna DraytonSuzanne Hillman
Mrs Lorraine BoltonEllie CostelloGuy BevanKathryn Mcging
Rachel NobleLee BerryEmily WilkinsMónika Harkaly
Elaine DalyMrs Tracy LewisSanjana NaharJenny Pendragon
Claire Armitage Mr Christopher LewisAngela MackHelen Somers
John DalySue Williamson Miss Bamford Julie Difford-Smith
Natalie EveleighTabbie HuntArti GodkhindiKerry Hale 
Claire Byers-HallEmma KentHelen BridgwoodMichelle Moore
Natasha LanphierKim WarehamKatie RamsdenKimberly Saxon
Kerrie Stanford Anna HarfordCheralyn DaveySara Taylor
Kathryn BentleyClair Foster Jessica MorrisMr Awj Nicoll
Cara Reid Amy WilsonJohn WallingCaroline Allsop
Alison KirkwoodNatalie PattersonMelissa Fullerton Clare Higginson 
Amanda CampbellRebecca HaswellSue MackNicola Smith
Nicola Grundy Claudia Buchanan Carol MalekiHannah Revoir
Emma Walton Elaine Bourton Vanesss Harper Gemma Bradley
Charlotte BarnesMark HughesSonja MccreeryMichael Bradley
Rebecca SouthwoodSharon CaseMichael SmithAndrea Mcnicholas
Sarah BurtwellJessie Rishworth- SmithSarah Louise Hopkins Saul Susan Bradley
Dr Susanna Giullari Lara AllardKerry Stubbs Rita Brown
Kelly SmithSarah Rainer Debbie Razey John Mcnicholas
Nicole StaffellTracy HibbertAyesha RogersTania Rylands
Chinmayee NayakEmnajane Cairns Shirley HarrisAmy France 
Michelle Wilkinson Gillian NacciJeanette Burrows Lisa Peartree
Katie ReadJo-Ann Tracy McculloughSuzanne HallAnna Roberts
Zoe Wilken Tracy StanynoughtJenny MurphyRebecca Difford-Smith
Olena MaraisEileen GibsonVictoria PrizemanJonathan Warbrooke 
Kate BarryJulie Potter-Tate Victoria Vincent Tasha Smith
Karen Fielder Melissa MostynNeil WallerMichaela Marsh
Maxine DraperRachael Worrall Madeleine RevellSandie Goode
Jim LewisAngela Harding Ria Lock Nicola Minnes
Lorraine Prince Jenny Kay Amanda Berrington Kathryn Mcfarlane 
Lian KentRebecca ChumunHelen ForsterJillian Lacey
Mathew PrinceSu ButcherJayne HealDarren Lacey
Jenny FryerKieran Nuttall Rosie Maltwood Daniela Van Gelder
Maxine Watson Caroline MorganKerri RockeyMrs Claire Budden
Rebecca Clark Tracy MulgrewMatthew RockeyJennifer Huggett
Natasha OliverJoanne MarshJeanette Tear Victoria King
Gemma SewellCati Uzea Leanne Shufflebotham Anthony John King
Amy WolfsMatthew Stewart Bishop Kellyann James Sharon Wood
Ileana ThomsonNorma FarrellKathryn Unsworth Magdalena Bednarska
David WolfsSandra MccormickKelly Donaldson Abdi Amir
Michelle SorrellKate BattRonald William Carter-Bonsteel Bonnie Hawes
Ms Karen ClarkMelanie Kate Starkey Darcy DumbartonLisa Munns 
Amanda Jean GoodeJessica Plant Natasha Lester-Booth Charlene Gabriel 
Kellie FairhallBethany Blake Helen WoodsHayley Woolterton 
Lisa RobsonAndrew KeeLisa-Leigha CrossJill Hughes
Sarah Allison Laura SparrowJulia CharltonJamie Callaghan 
Christopher Allison Karen VandertakClara O’Donnell Nicola Hutchinson
Samantha WhitesideCj Hamill David PhoenixDavid White
Jessica Jones Jessica MartinsmithBernice FigaSarah Hurley-Lowe 
Rebecca BakerNaomi LawAlison Jane GaydonKaty Warner
Jay WallerNick HarperCatherine HildebrandJesamin Amor
Penelope WenhamMr R GrahamAmanda TameStephen Quinn
Katie StibbonAlison HicksSimon Figa Donna Cossey 
Sabrina SweeneyGeorgia BreretonClare WheatChloe Campbell
Jennifer SkehanTrevor LewisNina GoodeyRex Dean
Lavinia Currie Ralph OldershawEmma Glenister Elisabeth Mackey 
Helena Richardson Alex & Shelly BellLisa WrightAnn Glover
Harvey Maverick KayBethany GladwellFrederick Bloomfield Antony Anderson
Abby BrigdenMartine ValiadisSarah Williams Sarah Anderson
Hannah BloorLaura Palmer Danielle HaunchMeagen Hicks
Catherine Waller Charlotte DenningBridget Mccormack Reece Watt
Joanne GaleAmelie Francis-RoebuckRenee BlackmoreJess Arrowsmith
Elaine OatesMatthew RoebuckAnnie ReesAmy Smallman
Laura EveTheresa BrooksGina StephenMaria Cristina Fumagalli
David OatesClaire CoyneKarrine Bourne Jonathan Dean 
Jeanine Moore Rosana DamaniaNicola DixeyJamie Park
Kelly HoughDawn MartinSue Harmon Sam Wright
Laura EdieRachel BushDean Gatward András Farkas 
Karen Wilson Samantha PartonJo Turner Diane Weatherup
Victoria Thomas Richard HolmesLesley Kennedy Natasha Stewart
Gareth Thomas Lesley PriestMagdalena HomaDr Sarah Molland
Katherine KnightsLee PriestSophia NichollsJade Lucas
Terrie Whitehead Nicky BonnesKamal Bouguedoura Claire Leach
Lacia Ashman Adam HamdyJanet ClaydonSue Watkinson
Jayne Lewis Amy MclellanAngela BrownLucia Ciampa
Rebecca Symonds Seth SergentJohn WhiteEllen Calder
Christina Cramsie Elizabeth TyeEmma WarbyEshrat Shahzad
Jane CooneyElizabeth TyeMenelik LeeMrs Wendy Procter
Zoe Simmonds Lucie WilliamsDaniel ClaydonHelen Wheeldon
Anne FlahertyLuke BhatiaFatima AliUrmimala Sen
Lee Barnard Anthony O’ReillyEllen CleaveAmitabh Roy
Aibhne Paton Miriam BinderNina TameMichael Procter
Stephanie HumbleM MurphyNicola SheltonLorraine Broderick 
Mrs MorfittIan Robert BarransTammy CalvertAdela Ojeda
Sarah BeadleMal DurbinLynda Harris Maria Ojeda
Emma SmithLarissa Aspell-CastilloP.ProutDr Jorg Schaub
Sally Wilcher Sandra CarsonLisa Bell Mrs Annie Watt
Catherine Wilson Maryse MccarthyVictoria S Welsh Ria Walker
Victoria ParkerJoanne DuckworthJoanne Fabian Claire Davies
Kate GladwellIrena CassarMel BrownGemma Mckeown 
Eirian Lilley Rachel Butler Helen BrownNicola Wilds
Claire LawTuuli ParkerRuth Poerscout-EdgertonLaura Birchall
Samantha IronsElizabeth BoyleMandy Ferrie Karlie Vanes
Dawn Roberts N BestDonna DillonMaria Grey
Claudia FaveroJulie ChandlerCarol Morley Carmela Lewis 
Theresa HarwoodAnne Collyer Claire KellyCraig Hollingswortbh
Lisa Valastro I AgreeCaitlin LumbardStephanie Gaunt
Sophie HealeyBryony HoltMarteen RowlandsOwen Walker
Andrea MooneyTracy DaviesLucy Williams Niomi Stevenson
Fran Birch Nneb Philip ScottHazel CollinsKelly White 
John Noble Sophia DellaCharlotte BennettKerry Shaw
Graham BirchHelen GoodhandRachel Brophy Susan Carr
Swaroopa Pantangi Kerryann ByersAdam Jon EvansKirsty Griffin 
Ruth BurkeClaire Jackson-PriorDayna Schreiber Diane Weatherup 
Pete Armitage Thea BellAlison CarterTracy Small
Frank SmeltJane Proudfoot Carol-Lynne AchesonJennifer Welsh
Suzanne BridgeSarah Louise AshJessica ArmstrongNicola Brown 
Janice MurrayDaniella Modos -CutterSuzy West Eva Natali
Samantha MackayAlena ChereshnyukRhea CartlidgeLouise Anderson
Elizabeth Monie Teresa OnionsKaren PettittMark Anderson
Samantha KillenAndi ProudfootBob SuttonIan Johnston
Dawn MillerMatthew GibbsGraham MartinJon Alcantara
Deborah CaveLucy MasonAlison LaneBrendan Williams
Claire EracleousRosemary Stannard Sarah Ennor Noreen Nazir 
Tim PearsonAnnaley AlushiDavid MarsdenSuzanne Hasib
Andrea Williamson Punitha SubramaniamMarc BowenBarbara Lawrence
Tracy Oatley Matthew StannettDaniel QuunnBernard Lawrence
Mrs Julie HolmesLynsey GoreMichael Antony SmithKaren Wood
Lady Patricia Kneale-BuxtonJohanna Jennison (Grandparent)Kelly FoxNavtej Dosanjh
Dzenana HozicKelly White Rebecca BannisterAimee Bond
Samantha TowlerPatricia DowsettClare StevensonMargarita Zernova
Sonia Repetto Rachel Stevenson Saima Batool Christine Green 
Tracey SmithLuke Stevenson Dr Hazel ShawSamantha Brant 
Jennifer Austin Sophie MorfittVicki WalkerRukiye Ermis
Lucy CoxStephen MarshallRobert CharlesworthDebbie Rodgers
Professor Pat SchofieldElisa AshwellSarah LloydHelen Beech
Kirstie DaviesHelen Jennings Caroline Chipperfield Hiren Valand
Zarria PhillipsLisa HufferSarah WeatherleyJen Smith
Gemma WilliamsKirsty SmithAmy FearnKieran 
Paula WallaceNina FurmstonMelanie Evans Sharon Towler
Emma GilbertCharlotte HellierJanine HillTracey Clifford
Luke WalkerAndy PankhurstAli TurnerKatrina Morgan
Emma Ruby HallKaren BernardLinda MurphyLynne Brown 
S ProutAdele Griffiths Lorraine HursellKatie Smart 
Corinne Pearson David Marshall Rachel SmithJoanne Louise Hardy
Becky KettlewellHelen SaynorAndrea Burford Rachel Jeffery
Tracey MillerBarbara Finnegan Georgina Hemmings Clare Peak
Shelley WilsonHayley BurrowsGemma EdwardsMatthew Peak
Jacky O’CallaghanDavid ShrewsburyBen Anthony Smith M. Trott 
Laura DaviesHolly Mackenzie Gemma EdwardsCynthia Bourdin
Linda RichardsCatherine CrowtherMrs Tracy Jane Elsey Anthony Seaton
Lorna Regester Tracey DawsonMarcus WeatherleySamantha Louise Smith 
Melanie Johnson Jill HamptonJohn Anthony LoscoBecka Blue 
Helenor CalabyRobert HobsonHannah TustinJessica Butcher
Julie Skinner Lucy Nash-Jones Daniel ShawRobert Butcher
J O’Brien Victoria LaitVivien KaliczakSadia Nasri 
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Nikki BrownJames CauntGeorgia Melbourne Y. Poole
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Hilary PlattSonia GooderhamS CompKate Taylor 
Emma Holman Parent Carer Foundation Claire FearnleyRamya Raghu
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Katie SpaldingJennifer LawlessJohn Cavanagh Kundai Kureva Muzura
Jackie McgradyJohn Baruch – Grandparent.Amy RadmoreLouise Hullbailey
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Shelley BlakesleyRachel Silvester Hannah Marie BallDaniel Van Gelder
Dean RusherMohammed Nazim UddinLorraine TipperCarolyn Redfern
Irvana DaviesLuke SpateSara FittonClaire Lewis
Mrs Julie Jones Javed IqbalHelen MclarenLisa Johnson
Celica Moore Muhammad Mahmood Tracy Austwick Mrs L M Adlington
Nicholas DaviesClaire Laverty Michaela SmithMorgan Pegg
Lorna RatioNadia Hamdy Dawn Oswin Katrina Burness
Romina Da Silva Heidi BarnettMrs Jill BrodieChristine Iremonger
Lisa ArmstrongCatherine Maria VassalloRachel SteedGemma Donnelly 
Kim Rance Lauren PrestonLynne AckersKrystyna Rodowicz 
Joy WaltonLouisa CookJennifer SmithRobert Sharl
Tracey Pascoe Bonnie Short Sarah Pitts Melissa Maslen
Deirdre EvansKirsty CrossanFelisberto Silva Katie Jenkins 
Beverley Widdowson Kelly SandersDavid PaineAnna Whiteley
Libertad AguileraMichael Humpage Jean BarrittEmma Jane Reader
Elaine StanhopeZeban AhmedJennifer Whiteley Victoria Hodson
Michelle WilliamsSarah Hamilton Claire Chaney Claudia Arias
Jane Brent Vicky Adams Esther HarveyLeisa Evans
Chantel Lorimer-George Penelope NeedhamNatasha KingRebecca Albats
Nicola Brooker Rebecca PeacockRajni BhatiaGlynis Hill
Susannah Victoria SantomassimoNeil VaughanSteve WilliamsonPat Watson
Lisa KnightPaula MilesLorna Judge Lee Watson
Anne CollyerFiona RingwoodLaura Mcwattie Lisa Drage
Charlotte AitkenHolly BullEmma Rogers Lorraine Mckenna
Anne MarshIram NisarClaire ElizabethLucy Jones
Bronwen Evans Rebecca MccarterLee ShawLorraine Mckenna
Claire NethercotEmily BujokFay WatsonKaren Mcveigh
Rebecca Nicole Foster Emma WilliamsSheila TrinderSamuel Reed
Caroline Lomax-DanielsAadila RaiLara KnightAlex Desousa
Louise CoffeySamira MekhaldiEmily Jordan Lynda Cowles
David LawtonMary StewartLisa HepburnJo Whitmell
Sue WedlockYolanda MottramSamantha GreenNuala Forkan
Kate GillEmma NelsenRobert LakeHaleema Khan
Elizabeth Pursey Naomi GreenePhilip MorrisVal Prescott
Fiona GillKimberley Toomer Allyson BakerBarry Tomalin
Angelica Fernández Sabeena ShaffiRebecca Patterson Catherine Doyle
Michelle WardMaud WaretLeigh BeechPaul Gibson
Helen Bonser Jan DelaunayAndrew PattersonRuaidhri Broderick
Caroline Brimblecombe Claire Louise Denney-Price Helen EssexMichaela Cooper
Tracy SharleyHannah AwesomeKelly LawtonDebbie Mccormick 
Despina Alcorano A SaundersCarla AllanBethan Wood
Marianne ClarkeNicola HerringAnne ForresterMrs Sue Atkin
Kimberly Freeman Lesley KellyStewart A R MurrayAnnmarie Pancholi
Kerry Morris-Rawling Frances Bain Monika K DziegielewskaZarah Burrows
Chiara Fontana TurnerJorden Parkinson Rosie CourtonBen Higginson 
Lisa Barford Kirsty WeeksKimberley Brown Jo Oakes 
Jennifer DonovanTasleem AlhtarStephanie Nolan Rosie Maltwood 
Josie World Farzama AmatullahJulian EavesAlessandra Messi
Karenbowman Patricia BestStephanie Smith Rachel Woollett
Hazera BegumGemma Ridings J MccarthyMichelle Boulding 
Dorota DabrowskaCayley ChidlowMelanie Williams Eleanor Charlotte Backhouse 
Abubaker MohamidiNicola ClarkeSamantha ValanteanA Kingston 
Tom ParkinsonAmanda Munro Susan PomponiShannon Brown
Lynette Morgan-Oneill Shafaq AfzalPolly Worthington Joanna Yeo
Sharon Hodgkinson Lavon Cherise HendricksJulie HillRosalia Eidipour 
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Lee LancasterTracie LouiseSara Meredith Charlene Sakala
Mrs Amanda BrooksTerrie-Louise Morris Pam PhillipsWendy Crisp
Thomas Denny Gul AkbarMalcolm WilliamsCharlotte Bailey 
Sarah PeachNoreen ZafarRuth Turner Annabel Walley
Ombretta CardiaKerry DaintonChris Owen Simon Robinson
Miss C M HolbrookSara TeigerSara CarterRiffat Mian-Hashim
Angela Burrow Jenny Hauxwell Simon Blackwell Gemma Macpherson
Lesley BellKatharine CollinsHelen ShawTracy Hedges
Sarah EatheringtonMarc SmithLisa Russ TJ Davis
Miss Lyndsey Adel Dankowych Sarah Pullar Emma GreenDanielle Edwards
Dawn CarverChantelle WainCharmaine HassonStuart Thompson 
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Lucy James Hannah Malik Laurie ClancyNatalie Mallinson 
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Debbie Thompson Tamsin CummingPriti LakhmanLisa Staines
Miss Tina ParsonsSarah Goodchild Ruth Elton Lee Aldridge
Danielle Michelle Everett Sonia Kamran Emma WatsonRachel Bridger-Cocking
L ShipstonShanaz BibiNicola Spiller Jackie Jenks
Joanna Saxby Jackie WorthingtonAmy LilleyDora Lola
Billy MazellaPeter SmithEmma GibsonFabio Carpene
Rachelle BakerLisa MorleyCheryll SpencerLeanne Hopkins
Katrina HeyesShabana KausarJackie Clarke Jessica Houlihan 
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Andrew Scott-HartAmanda LattoLesley Marshall Kelly Hedges-Winkowski 
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Cicely FrostRebbecca RuslingEmma KellyPhilippa Fellowes
Kerry JardineNiki RuslingPenny WestNatasha Court
Henry CondellSajjad RizviDonna RichardsMark Eccleston 
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Iva AugardeP ProutHolly Owen Colm Nixon 
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Annie BurchellLouise Russell Tracy DentHaleema Hussain
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Natasha BlewettHayley MooreCatherine OliverIsabel Kerins 
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Laura BrearleyHayley Jane BourneKellie SmithN Watson
Miss N J HutchinsonHayley BlighMichael Samuel PeakDougal Lumby
Elizabeth BatesChristina Lee Elizabeth Ann RossRyan Laity
Lyndene WestonHelen GreeningAmanda HallJennelise Sinclair
Leanne MackShelley GriffithsElizabeth CullenTitus Boeder 
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Clare BishopPeter WhiteheadMiss Jaki WhyteRebecca Bonrick
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Rebecca Morris Nazia SaghirHazel SimsLinda Fox
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Jenna Whymark Michelle GuyanAmy Colborne Lucy Round
Kerry RowdenClare PurdyLucy Jutson Justin Wells
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Sheridan Pedersen Katrina Macpherson Victoria FeredayCarley Dineen
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Victoria BanksSamantha Trussler Kirstie WoodEmma Chrimes 
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Shaun Large Maria AttreeJerry Pennington Lynn Vanoord
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Ghislaine MewettJoanne DowdeswellAgnieszka TsuiSarah Talwar 
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Dr Julie Cave (Pgce, Retired Teacher)Sharon VinallGlynis IngramCarol Bureau
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