Independent SAGE issue Safe Schools policy

A ‘Safe Schools’ policy for re-opening education as soon as possible and mitigating the harms of closure

This paper proposes a ‘safe schools policy’ aimed at mitigating the harms of school closure, ensuring the continuation of education during closure and enabling the return to schools as soon as possible by increasing the COVID security of the school environment.

We strongly welcome Independent SAGE’s Safe Schools policy, which in addition to outlining the mitigation measures needed to ensure that schools are made safe, also advises how we can make lockdown as short as possible and mitigate the harms of school closures.

We are not affiliated with Independent SAGE, but we are happy to support their balanced and evidence based approach. This includes their recognition that children and young people are subject to harms from a variety of causes arising from the pandemic, and that adequate resourcing of support and mitigation of these is essential.

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