Good Law Project issue advice regarding families with Clinical Vulnerability

The advice – should be read by every family, every headteacher, and every local authority – says, in summary:  

  1. Fines or prosecutions for not attending school could – depending on the facts – be unlawful; and
  2. Vulnerable children or children who belong to vulnerable families may have a legal right to be provided with an education at home.

This advice is all well and good, but the real question is: how can families enforce these rights?  Read more, below.

We won’t allow children’s health to be sacrificed on the altar of politics – Good Law Project

On 19 August, Dr Jenny Harries masks could “actually trap the wrote to families to say that children the Government had once classed as especially vulnerable to Covid were no longer considered vulnerable. The letter said that they must attend school, despite the absence of adequate, or indeed in many cases any, protections for them.