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We have collated some of the most helpful resources to help improve public understanding of airborne transmission, here and on our YouTube Channel. If you have a suggestion for further items to include, please contact us.

Our previous live with Professor Jose Jimenez is an excellent, in depth introduction to the topic, and he has very kindly shared his slides, FAQs and Covid Estimator for anyone to view. See also the Portable Air Cleaner Calculator for Schools, developed by Professor Jimenez, his colleague Dr Shelly Miller, and Joseph Allen, Associate Professor of Exposure Assessment Science Environmental Health at Harvard School of Public Health,

See Jose’s explanation of airborne transmission here:

Cold Weather and Coronavirus

We’re in for quite the winter, a fitting end for 2020. Here’s what you need to know about cold weather and coronavirus.

Dr Eilir Hughes is a GP and founder of the #FreshAirNHS campaign, which calls for the recognition of airborne transmission and the provision of adequate PPE to guard all clinical staff against it – not just those in ICU. Parents United is grateful for his inspiration in creating #FreshAirSchools.

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Everything I’ve said, but in an Australian accent. Repeating the same mistakes is stupid.πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌ pic.twitter.com/vJzvrlwnkp

Our #FreshAirSchools video – share to help us call for appropriate mitigation against airborne transmission in schools.

PU FreshAirSchools 2021 v1

FreshAirSchools VideoShare to spread the message #CovidIsAirborne.#HandsFaceSpaceReplace #MakeSchoolsSafeSign the #FreshAirSchools Open Letter to UK Educat…

Professor Joseph Allen, describes exactly how we feel about aerosol transmission right here. Please do take a look at Schools for Health – it is an excellent resource.

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I’m not on Team ‘Open Schools’I’m not on Team ‘Close Schools’I’m on Team ‘GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND PUT IN THE CONTROLS WE HAVE BEEN OUTLINING SINCE JUNE’https://t.co/hIbaMtMxiZ pic.twitter.com/C0IsYXVEdV

An animation of the effect of layered mitigations on level of transmission.

A room, a bar and a classroom: how the coronavirus is spread through the air

The risk of contagion is highest in indoor spaces but can be reduced by applying all available measures to combat infection via aerosols. Here is an overview of the likelihood of infection in three everyday scenarios, based on the safety measures used and the length of exposure

This video demonstrates the importance of social distancing in aerosol transmission, as expelled aerosols are diluted and rise like smoke.

Faster modelling to show how aerosols move indoors

Assistant Professor Ville Vuorinen is developing a code to vastly improve how aerosol clouds are modelled, allowing even regular desktop computers to compute…

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Here’s a 2x sped up version of that video that’s a little easier to watch embedded in Twitter. pic.twitter.com/8hOKlp1Mo7

NHS explanation of airborne transmission and the need for ventiliation.

Hands. Face. Space. | Ventilation

Every action counts when it comes to protecting ourselves and our loves ones from #COVID19.Opening windows to allow fresh air into enclosed spaces can help r…

The inimitable Bill Nye explaining masks AND making us laugh.

Bill Nye is Here to Set the Record Straight on Masks | NowThis

BILL NYE DROPS MORE MASK FACTS: ‘This is not that hard to understand, everybody’ – Bill Nye is back on TikTok to drop more knowledge about masks and COVID-19…

Using CO2 meters to determine air quality – from Professor Joseph Allen.

Ventilation & Filtration: Prevent COVID 19 + Optimize Health (Air purifiers, HEPA filters)

Harvard Prof. Joseph Allen explains how the air in our homes, workplaces, and schools is contributing to disease, poor mental function, and putting us at hig…

This Japanese super-computer simulation shows aerosols in

Supercomputer simulates how coronavirus droplets spread

Researchers use the supercomputer Fugaku to simulate how droplets of the novel coronavirus spread.**********************Subscribe to our YouTube channel: htt…

Slow motion fun with the Slo Mo Guys – and Dr Anthony Fauci:

Slow Motion Sneeze in 4K – The Slow Mo Guys with Dr Anthony Fauci

Somethings were never meant to be seen at 1000fps in 4K. I’d include this subject as one of them. Gav coughs, sneezes and talks in ultra backlit slow motion …

A simple animation to explain aerosol transmission, from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Let’s talk about transmission of respiratory infectious diseases

Video Text by: Prof. Shelly Miller, University of Colorado Boulder.Voice by: Shelly Miller and Renee Leiden.Drawings and editing by: Prof. Marina Vance, Univ…

A good explanation on the science of masks, and engaging for children too.

How Well Do Masks Work? (Schlieren Imaging In Slow Motion!)

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Super-spreader events provide unfortunate evidence of airborne transmission. They show that large numbers of people can become infected by an index case in an airborne environment, not just those who are in close contact with the infected individual.

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Over 2000 global super-spreading events listed here.https://t.co/hdgOn4SKPU

Double masking has been found to be as effective as an N95 mask – simple and effective.

CDC: Double masks and tightly fitted single masks can reduce COVID-19 transmission by up to 96.4%

Double masking has become a trend, but until now there hasn’t been much evidence it works. A CDC study suggests popping a cloth mask over a surgical one can improve protection about 50%. There are plenty of other low-tech strategies that can improve the performance of your mask, too.

Improve the fit of your surgical mask.

How to Improve Your Surgical Mask Fit– Covid-19

Improve the fit of your surgical mask– better protection during Covid-19 by Dr. Rabeeh

Thank you to all the above resource providers to whom we have linked above.

If you find any further content on airborne transmission, please drop us a line and we will consider it for the page.

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