Families call for MP’s support

Parents United UK have teamed up with One voice: supporting vulnerable adults and children during Covid Facebook support and advocacy group to produce a template letter for parents and carers with school aged children to write to their MP and call for their support in calling for improved Covid mitigations in schools.

Members of both groups have expressed considerable concern about the impact that government plans to scrap bubbles and all other restrictions on 19th July, despite an exponential increase in cases and the risks this poses to our health and that of our children, to the stability of the NHS and to the efficacy of our vaccine programme.

The letter is written so that it can be used by any family to express their concerns and ask their MP for support. However, we have included options for families with Clinically Vulnerable and Clinically Extremely Vulnerable household members to express the extent and nature of the impact which “Freedom Day” will have on their lives, curtailing some of their most fundamental rights.

Please copy the text from this link, amend the content to suit your situation, and send it to your MP. You may find it useful to use not-for-profit website Write To Them to contact your MP and track their response.

Sending you all our very best wishes,

The One Voice and Parents United Admin Teams

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