Facts From The Front Line: Every Doctor campaign holds public press briefing

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A heartfelt plea from @DrJessPotter a Respiratory Consultant at today’s briefing. Healthcare workers need mental health support urgently. @10DowningStreet must implement a UK-wide #Covid19 Trauma Recovery Plan to support the NHS and the public. Watch till the end and Pls RT👇 pic.twitter.com/byYa3aoaOW

EveryDoctor held its first public Press Briefing on 4th February 2021, sharing clinican’s perspectives on the impact of the pandemic, government policy and resourcing on front-line NHS workers.

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Hearing about “the dangers of releasing lockdown too early” from @dgurdasani1 at today’s @EveryDoctorUK briefing. Lots of evidence to suggest the road to recovery is steep.https://t.co/odZ8jAZNeN

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