Children’s reflections home education during the Covid-19 pandemic – Dr Lucy Wenham and Dr Claire Lee

Children’s reflections on home education during the Covid-19 pandemic: Implications for the return to school

Claire Lee University of Bristol Claire Lee taught in secondary and primary schools in the UK before completing an ESRC-funded PhD at the School of Education, University of Bristol. Her interests include understanding how children develop a sense of self in educational settings, as well as matters of teaching and learning, children’s literacies, power and classroom relationships.

The study above focusses on the impact of the first lockdown on children, and the implications this had for the return to school which followed. We whole-heartedly agree with its conclusion:

“these extra challenges will require teachers’ creativity, expertise and patience. The last thing teachers need now is extra pressure to drive up test scores. Instead they must be trusted to teach in ways that reignite children’s enthusiasm for learning and support their emotional and social wellbeing.”

Which to us raises the question: can home learning be designed to limit the negative impact on children, during the present period of lockdown?

We feel that, if policy makers were to trust the skill of the teaching profession to understand the true needs of children, this is achievable.

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