Can I choose to keep my child #SafeAtHome?

Action to take if you believe keeping your child home is the right thing to do

⭐ Try to keep a positive relationship with your school, but be absolutely firm.

⭐ Don’t be bullied or rushed, and keep your cool – difficult though it may be.

⭐ Firmly state that you will not be sending your child in. Ask for home learning, and for authorised absence.

⭐ Ensure that you have a paper trail of all communications, and that communication happens regularly (this prevents sneaky offrolling).

⭐ You may find it helpful to refer to the Department of Education confirmation obtained by Public Interest Law Centre that Head Teachers have the discretionary power to authorise absence.

If you are refused authorised absence or not supplied with home learning please come back to us for further advice. Message the Parents United: Against Unsafe Schools Facebook page and we will support you in communicating further with your child’s school. Most of all… don’t doubt yourself. We have a fasting growing group of 22,000 parents who all know YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!

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