BRTUS: Parents United #ParentStrike

2nd November 2020

Remember, remember the 5th of November: the law may prevent teachers from striking, but it cannot stop the BRTUS #ParentStrike.

BRTUS: Parents United is the largest parent-led, safer schools campaign in the UK. We are pushing for a sensible, safe and sustainable approach to education during the pandemic.

The PM has announced a lockdown as of Thursday 5th November. He has not committed to closing schools. If the government won’t close the schools, we will.  On the 5th November, en masse, parents will vote with their feet and withdraw their children from school as part of our national #ParentStrike.

As part of this day of action parents will take photographs of their children’s school shoes by their front door, accompanied by signs stating “No school today #ParentStrike”, and share these on social media.

We have waited until the time is right to strike. That time is now.

Many of us have already been keeping our children home because of safety concerns; we are facing fines, criminal prosecution and the risk of losing our child(ren)’s place at school.

Despite a growing body of scientific evidence that suggests that schools are vectors of transmission, we have been ignored by this government.

We need to see the government take action to reduce the R; protect our children, families and school staff and reduce cases of Covid-19 in our communities. This action must include:

  • Comprehensively funded and resourced remote learning
  • Schools open only to vulnerable children and those of keyworkers
  • Local Authorities to be honest and publish a list of schools that have had confirmed cases of Covid-19 each week
  • Risk assessments to be extended to entire households of children attending education setting.

If these actions are not undertaken, this lockdown will be a long and damaging exercise in futility. The government must act now.

On Thursday November 5th we stand together and we stand united – Parents United – against the government’s callous and reckless decision to play Russian Roulette with the physical, emotional and mental well-being of our children, our nation’s school staff and our communities.

If the government will not protect our families, we will – as BRTUS: Parents United.


Find the event here

For press enquiries:

Address: Unit 49070, PO Box 4336, Manchester, M61 0BW

Twitter: @Parents_Utd

Facebook: @BRTUS.ParentsUnited

1 thought on “BRTUS: Parents United #ParentStrike

  1. My Daughters education and well being is suffering from the governments inability to manage schools safely . I am suffering as when I keep her off school , I get threaterned with de registration and children’s services involvement and am made to feel it’s my fault for my child’s poor education this year . It’s effecting her life chances and both our mental health.

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