About Us: Parents United Is Grassroots

Our team is working tirelessly to #MakeSchoolsSafe and #ProtectOurCommunities

We provide support and advocacy in a myriad of forms, including:

  • practical and emotional support to the members of our 23,000 strong Facebook group of parents and carers of school age children
  • up-to-date, accurate information on current affairs and scientific developments which impact on safety in schools, through our social media channels
  • educational support to members of Ed2 Learning Support Community
  • liason with legal experts who are supporting ourselves and families in taking legal action against the Department for Education
  • a website which includes campaign information, support resources and news articles – including those written by ourselves.  The site is also an outlet for the voices of those impacted by a lack of safety in schools
  • driving the conversation about school safety on Twitter as @Parents_Utd, and connecting with the brightest minds in the prevention of aerosol transmission as @FreshAirSchools.

And, if that wasn’t enough, we also and appear regularly in the mainstream media.

We are careful to run a lean campaign, and all our team give their time for free. 

We are determined to protect our children, our families and the wider community.