How can a Recovery Curriculum approach help our children now?

The Recovery Curriculum, by Barry Carpenter, CBE, Professor of Mental Health in Education, Oxford Brookes University and Matthew Carpenter, Principal, Baxter College was developed to deal with the challenge of reintroducing children to school based education following the first lockdown.

We feel that, in addition to this approach being implemented whenever children return to school following the current lockdown, its philosophy is worthy of reflection whilst many children are learning from home.

Find out more about the approach here.

Given the apparent pressure placed on schools by the DfE to ensure minimal loss of learning, we appeal to the Department to consider if their approach is in the best interests of our children’s mental health, and indeed their long-term academic success.

Nobody likes lockdowns, or the losses that they bring; but as parents we strive to ensure that their negative impacts on our children are as limited as possible. We would like for the Department of Education to join us in that ambition.

And, no…. risking public safety by returning too early – without appropriate safety measures to mitigate against airborne transmission – is not the right solution. This will only lead to further disruption and distress for children and young people.

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