Aerosol transmission of Covid-19 (with voice reading text)

Previously published, but now with a reading of all on-screen text with thanks to Dr Catherine Walter, Emeritus Fellow in Applied Linguistics, University of …

Parents United UK have developed a template letter in consultation with Michelle Wong, an architecture industry professional and Parents United UK member.

The letter is designed for use by parents and carers when approaching their local political representatives regarding airborne transmission mitigation measures in their child’s school.

If you decide to use the letter, please ensure you check its contents suit your situation, and amend it accordingly. We would advise sending it to your Local Councillor and MP, copying in the Head Teacher and governing body at your school.

If your school is a Foundation, Voluntary or Independent school you should write to the governing body. Academies and free schools should be contacted through the academy trust. Should you have any questions, please contact us.

We consider this letter to be open source – if you do not have a child at school but still wish to use some of the letter content for lobbying, please feel free to do so.

The reference list is also a useful resource. For immediate actions to mitigate airborne transmission in classrooms, see pages 17 and 18 of the Spanish Schools Guidance, and page 50 of the Long Covid Kids Schools pack.

For more information on airborne transmission, visit our Resource Centre

PU FreshAirSchools 2021 v1

FreshAirSchools VideoShare to spread the message #CovidIsAirborne.#HandsFaceSpaceReplace #MakeSchoolsSafeSign the #FreshAirSchools Open Letter to UK Educat…

Following the launch of our #FreshAirSchools Open Letter, a group of Parents United UK members collaborated to make the #FreshAirSchools video.

The words spoken our group of volunteers are largely a collection of hashtags and phrases used on social media to promote awareness of airborne transmission and school safety –







The video also gives a broad overview of the issues addressed in our Open Letter, and is designed to send a clear message that we do believe it is possible and desirable to run schools safely, for the sake of our children’s futures and to protect our entire communities. 

Please do help us spread that message by sharing the video on social media.

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